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It can repel you or make them seem exceedingly adorable! They will dance with you at weddings and will also indulge in many intellectual discussions too. Sindhi Culture Sindh is one of the four provinces in Pakistan located at the Southern border.

I had recently broken up with my girlfriend in Canada before coming to Pakistan, and when my cousins found out they insisted that I find a girl here since they are ‘sincere’ and ‘faithful.’ Despite my opposition and discomfort in ‘finding a girlfriend’ in an alien land, my cousin introduced me to a friend’s friend – Maheen*. “I have set up a plan to meet you tomorrow, but don’t call or text me unless I do so, because if my bhai catches me he will kill you.” she advised me. I was astonished and scared that I was prone to be killed by someone’s brother without having ever met her. I pleaded with my cousins to pull me out of this weird situation, but they told me to put up with it. Feeling embarrassed, I told her I would do so once we were off to lunch. “It was my mother, she told me that my bhai is off to pick me up from college! Arif had a bright idea: “You can go and drop Maheen back to college, while Zahra and I can go for lunch if you guys don’t mind? Feeling angry yet sympathetic to the poor girl’s plight, I drove back to drop her to college.

They have the knack of throwing diva fits, of becoming absolute cry-babies or of becoming little puppy dogs with massively innocent eyes staring back you. I just so not agree with all the junk, they may be true somewhat for Sindhi girl, but what about men!! -They are liars - They cheat -Once they get a girl they marry or engage and then move on the other expecting you to sit at home and still love them.

Your heart melts, and their mission is accomplished. -They are opportunist, go where they see money -They be easily and very cheaply bought -Even a few perfume and shirts can buy them, -No matter how rich they are they still remain greedy for more -They make friends who can spend on them -The self obsessed -they are bad manned -Have nothing totally nothing in the department of values integrity and honesty.

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