Error updating locale cisco cme

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Obtain a new copy of the phone firmware and place it in the TFTPPath directory.

I have spent many hours working with the Cisco 7960 series phone and Switchvox.The configuration file for a particular phone is created when the phone is added to the Cisco Call Manager database.If the phone has not been added to the Cisco Call Manager database, the TFTP server generates a CFG File Not Found response.This article explains how to reset your Cisco 7945, 79 IP phone to factory defaults, and how to upgrade the firmware to the latest available version.We also provide necessary information on how to setup a DHCP server on a CME router or Cisco Catalyst switch, to support Cisco IP Phones and provide them with DHCP Option 150 so they know where to find and register with the Call Manager or Call Manager Express server.

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